A diverse group of Grainger employees

The Business Conduct Guidelines:

Grainger’s Code of Conduct

Operating with the highest standards of ethics and integrity defines who we are as a company. We strengthen our culture and reputation by furthering the Grainger Edge, complying with all laws and regulations, and following ethical practices. The Business Conduct Guidelines apply to all Grainger team members, inclusive of position, status, role, or responsibilities and defines our shared expectations of how we work together, serve customers and business partners, and honor our commitments to shareholders everywhere we do business.

Each year, all team members, contractors, executive officers and members of our Board of Directors are required, as a condition of employment, to certify that we’ve read, understand and will comply with the Business Conduct Guidelines. This includes following Grainger’s Code of Conduct, supporting others to do so and speaking up when there is a suspected violation. All reports of Code of Conduct violations are taken seriously, investigated thoroughly and addressed promptly. Violators may face serious repercussions, up to and including termination from the company.

A Message from our CEO

“Doing the right thing is a team sport – each of us is responsible for upholding and strengthening Grainger’s reputation each day. We do this by complying with all laws, following ethical practices and speaking up to report concerns. We are committed to protecting each team member’s right to voice concerns so that Grainger remains an ethical and safe workplace where everyone can be themselves and feel safe reporting Code of Conduct violations.”
D.G. Macpherson headshot
D.G. Macpherson

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer


Grainger’s Code of Conduct

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Reporting Options

There are many resources to help you understand the Code of Conduct and how to report any concerns. The following are available so you can choose those that best fit the situation:


From Grainger’s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

“An ethical culture is the cornerstone of sustainable business practices. Doing the right thing not only safeguards Grainger’s reputation but serves as the foundation for impactful change. Upholding our principles and speaking up is how we are successful, both in business and in making meaningful contributions to society.”
Amy Albano headshot
Amy Albano

Vice President, Ethics and Compliance
A diverse group of Grainger employees